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Has the best smile. Her mind is just as sexy as her beauty. She has the lips of a goddess. Literally the nicest person you’ll ever meet. Meghan can literally do anything and everything. She can also change anybody’s mood in her favor at any time.
You wish you had a Meghan in your life.
by mistahsal August 08, 2018
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Full of energy, kind, compassionate for others, anxious about most things in her life, cares for her friends, funny, has an infectious laugh, is clumsy when it comes to holding onto drinks (coffee mostly,) skeptical about most things. Is one to hype up something dramatically.
"Meghan is so funny!"
by X A J May 10, 2018
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That really sexy chick who every guy wants and every girl wishes to be like. Biggest party animal ever. Has a fine body that she doesn't mind showing off. Sometimes quite but very loud in bed. Huge slut but not the kind people hate. Everyone worships her. Usually a hot brunette. Has guys who like her and ignores them. Sexy as hell but skanky. Will always be there to help you get laid.
1) guy 1: SHE is hot! Look at how sexy that dress is on her!

Guy 2: that's my girlfriend Meghan!!

Guy 3: if she's your girlfriend why did she have sex with me last week?

Guy 2: she is a total whore that's why!

2) guy 1: my girlfriend Meghan rocks!

Guy 2: how?

Guy 1: she always gives me what I want and finishes with a nice ride!
by Boboo13 October 12, 2013
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A crazy, obsessive and psychotic girl that seems really sweet and innocent until you really get to know her. She will try to ruin her life for eternity while claiming she misses you
Ex bf "Meghan needs to hop off his dick and move on with her life"
Meghan *appears randomly* "what?"
by JD17 June 12, 2014
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the skank bitch who has the amazing boyfriend that tells her he loves her although we all know he loves someone else
yeah, Meghan
by thesadone December 06, 2010
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A dog known as a pitbull. Smushed face and big nose. Usually someone overweight
Someone needs to lock that Meghan in a cage.
by fdjsnf November 09, 2010
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