to kowtow; to show unnecessary respect or deference in order to win favor with a superior or colleague. Annoying, ingratiating behaviour that is observed by others. Usually used with pronouns, he, she, you, rather than with actual names, John, Sylvia. The origin is probably derived from the idea that great pleasure is derived by the recipient of fellatio. Hence, giving someone one more pleasure than they deserve in hopes that they will be so pleased they will feel obliged to give you benefits, usually in the form of job security, more hours at work, more favorable shifts or to have her/his opinions favored and adopted.
I don't suck cock. He sucks cock at work.

A colleague may question, "How come he gets to work all the good shifts?" whereupon someone might reply, "Oh, he sucks cock."
by Rudolf Kurt Penner February 22, 2007
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to tell someone off, in other words "fuck off"
student one: you smoke too much
student two: suck cock, I don't care
by bitchidonotcare November 6, 2018
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a word used by some faggots from the middle of Saskatchewan that drink alchohol in the back of a trail blazer.
by fuck trudeau January 14, 2019
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a misnomer used to describe someone or something that is very bad, when in actuality having one's cock sucked is a nearly universally positive experience for the receiver.
Sam: One Direction sucks cock.
Joe: What are you talking about? I've had my cock sucked hundreds of times, and it's always been anywhere from pretty good to fantastic.
by D.S. Credito April 6, 2015
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1. When someone sucks on a guy's penis.
2. Something that is bad or horrible.

See also sucks dick.
1. Mercedes sucked Micheal's cock last night.
2. This band sucks cock.
by Ali March 18, 2004
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Keith:Can you suck my cock
Ciara:yes daddy

Keith:hell yeah!!!
Ciara:I love sucking cock but only yours babe this big juicy cock

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by That boy keif February 5, 2014
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