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Someone who thinks they know philosophy, but in reality just use philosophical concepts to be complete assholes.
Alberto: Dude, that chick is so hot

Armando: not really, because nobody actually exists

Alberto: Oh my god, you're such an Immanuel Cunt
by Eckersley September 17, 2013

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Russian slang meaning "ez game" (katka=game). Popularized in games such as DOTA and League of Legends. Used by people to annoy their online opponents after lengthy and difficult games.
*Plays difficult 70 minute DOTA game*
At the end - "ez katka"
by Eckersley July 30, 2016

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Random Indian dude who can't say "Bolsack Potatos"
Jagdeesh, stop bobbling your head, mother yaar!
by Eckersley May 06, 2013

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Apart from the basic meaning of the verb to fuck, it is also derived from the meaning to hit sharply, or get even, for example:
"Wait, wait, wait and see how they fuck you", or more extreme version: "to fuck the shit out of him"

The question of how serious the threat is by saying "I'll fuck you" was discussed in two judgments of courts in Jerusalem.
by Eckersley June 14, 2016

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More blatant version of "fuck".
"He wants the order in five minutes?! Throw a dick!"
by Eckersley December 01, 2014

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Brazilian Portuguese word for steroids
Marcelo said he can get me da bomba
by Eckersley June 14, 2016

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Original teaching of the word cock is a sword, and already appears in the Bible and Midrash borrowed means.
The book of Jeremiah said: "horses are entered to cock durations, were one to gloat his neighbor's wife"
by Eckersley June 14, 2016

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