to do something to someone to even out what they did to you
I heard Emily was talking about me behind my back. I am going to have to get even with her and talk about her behind her back.
by dannytrum February 17, 2015
This is term most commonly used as a statement urging someone to get revenge. It is often used when one is feeling especially vengeful for this certain wrong.
Gandalf: Gimli just broke into my house and ate all of my cupcakes, you know, the ones with the little hearts.

Bilbo: Oh?

Gandalf: And he shaved my beard, i'm really mad.

Bilbo: Don't get mad, get even.
by SpandexMaster January 11, 2014
a saying that someone says to another when that person has been wronged.

it dosen't make sense because the only reason someone would want to get even is BECAUSE they are mad/upset.
person 1: "OMFG! my teacher gave me detention for something i didn't even do!"

person 2: "don't get mad, get even."
by BP91 December 7, 2009
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by Hoodie_Devil February 12, 2022
When you smoke, drink, exercise, (any habit) to the point that you must do this habit daily and engenders a feeling of withdrawal if you do not.
"Ugh need that morning bowl to get even for court today."

"Long day of work, comin' home to some gin. Boss is a jerk, but now it's time to get even."

"I'm not smoking again, babe, I was just getting even."
by femalegingko December 22, 2011
This is what one does to balance out any positive or negative gain of any kind.
Getting even:

Guy 1: you shouldn't get angry like that
Guy 2: I don't get angry I get even.

" You better wear a jacket or you'll get cold"

"I don't get cold, I get even"

"Can you get the milk out?"

"I don't get milk, I get even"
“I tripped over my shoes that I didn’t put away

“That’s God getting even with you”
by Mike Whittaked January 14, 2023