The most mommiest of mommies . Like she could kill me then resurrect me then kill me again . Like just hand in marriage already .
“ Scarlett Johansson is hot
by Penishater2.0 April 3, 2021
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She is one of the most beautiful actresses out there.
She is talented, kind and funny.
She was also one of the people that made me realise I was bisexual...
Person 1: Who's your celebrity crush?
Person 2: Duh! Scarlett Johansson! Who else would it be?!
Person 1: Yeah, she's pretty amazing.
by Maxx15 May 28, 2021
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Literally the finest most beautiful badass milf who sued in labour. Used to be part of the MCU and played black widow (the most beautiful character in the mcu).
"You know Scarlett Johansson?"
"Yh what about her?"
"I would let her run me over and I would apologise"
"Same tbh"
by Justmeig August 19, 2021
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The most sexy hot actress that you will always answer smash}. From the come-hither face you will never forget to the boobs of a curvaceous woman which she is such and last but not least that torso of aphrodite(the Goddess of beauty) and those legs of seduction that no one can resist. This lady is not just a lady, she is the embodiment of perfection.
Person 1 :Smash or pass, Scarlett Johansson
Person two : Closed missionary (comes)
by Ryan Reynolds in 2oo9 May 22, 2019
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One of the hottest things to ever walk this planet.
A: Whos that very hot woman over there.
B: O thats Scarlett Johansson
by Arpi December 31, 2005
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Young actress who has appeared in many critically acclaimed films, such as Lost in Translation and Match Point. She grew up in New York City and began acting at a very young age, and is now one of the most sought after ladies in Hollywood. And she's gorgeous.
Scarlett Johansson is the shit.
by Ari_James December 30, 2005
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A Hollywood actress who is considered 'beautiful'. This is mainly coz of her boobs (which she insists on showing to the world), because her face is quite plain and her body is average.
Typical Male blinded by boobies: "omgomgomg Scarlett Johansson is soo gorgeous! look at her boobies!!!"

Typical Female not blinded by boobies: "Look at her face."

Typical Male blinded by boobies: "oh right.. ehm.. omgomgomg look at her boobies! "
by PickledMe April 7, 2007
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