The best person you could ever meet. A boy, or a man who knows how to love their other half. They know how to take control and can be confusing at times, but they know how to settle things. They can be really good boyfriends and can mess up at times, but they finally win their partner's heart with their adorable antics. They are people who are selfless and very sensitive, although they never show it. And finally, love their friends and family a lot. Having a guy like that in your life is really wonderful.
Can you believe it?
i have a boyfriend and his name's Jeremiah.
by HisTrueLover123890 October 5, 2017
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Jeremiah is a sexy ass motherfucker, he is so sexy that if you look at him too long youll probably cream your pants.
by swagggerboi November 23, 2021
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A strong-minded person with hidden talents who strives to be the best, not to be better than others, but to prove to all that he can do it.
by Superman6994 January 23, 2014
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Jeremiah is a dude who thinks very intelligently, likes to be independent, he is also very attractive to many girls. When he wants company, he gets it because everyone wants to be his friend. He is usually the "cool kid" in school.
Usually, according to some superstitions, picking on or roasting a Jeremiah is considered bad luck.
Yo that awesome kid over there must be a Jeremiah.
"Oh crap I just roasted that motherfucker Jeremiah! Now I get bad luck shit"
by HarmlessTrust March 15, 2017
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Is someone who is really goofy in a good way and will have you have you falling for him hard. He's really good at sports like basketball football baseball track you get where I'm going. He has curly hair but doesn't like it and doesn't like people touching it. He is the best boyfriend a girl could ever have he loves deeply even though he has had a rough past with his father which made a deep whole on his heart. He will do anything he could to make you happy he's really cute and smile and his laugh will make you fall in love he's a lowkey freak keeps his circle small and will do anything he could to keep the love of his life his dont hurt a jeremiah when you find one they will change your life
Mann this kidd has me falling for him with his beautiful smile, i bet you if anything his name is jeremiah
by Realtrillqueen March 16, 2017
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Jeremiah is a cute boy, who most girls are attracted to. He is athletic, smart, fine, LOL when he smiles at you its like heaven when he looks at you, you fall in love. Push his buttons he will turn into a monster or (Lil Tay's Brother). Lil Tay the youngest flexer of the century. He is the best you will ever meet
Jeremiah= Greatest ever
by Deeznutsdrake2222 June 3, 2018
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Jeremiah is a great looking guy. His hair I on point. His eyebrows on point. Most people call him jerry cause he Is an way going person. He is popular with maws and the ladies. Often doesn't know what he's got until it's gone . Jeremiah is funny and is a swimmer . Jerry is very athletic and is very buff. He has the abs muscles and ass all the girls love! Jerimah is often know by everyone . Any girl who dates a Jeremiah is lucky. Jeremiah is normally tall and is very well groomed everywhere!
Oh my look at him he is so buff. He must be a Jeremiah.
by Eyebrows on fleek May 4, 2015
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