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When you feel the pain and cruelty of the world around you.
Sensitive people just want to make the world a better place.
by Dubiks December 19, 2018

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Yet another scummy attempt from the government in order to repress creative freedom and control the internet
Oh, you thought them getting rid of Net Neutrality was bad? Just wait until they apply Article 13.
by Dubiks February 21, 2019

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A disease pandemic that spreads across most schools and even work places. This crippling disease has the power to turn people from leaders into mind controlled sheep. This can ruin the lives of whoever is infected making them commit to actions they don't want to partake in. It is best to stay away from these types of people as the disease can spread onto unsuspecting victims. People infected with this disease will try to encourage healthy individuals to participate in unhealthy activities that will only hinder their development, including doing drugs, crime, unprotected sex, and many more disastrous activities. There is no cure, however, it can be treated over time and eventually go away with enough proper treatment. A person can be immune to this disease, meaning that s/he has enough self confidence to not be persuaded by the infected. These people will most likely lead successful lives and not end up like the worthless pieces of shit around them.
Symptoms of Peer Pressure:
inferiority complex
loss of individuality
is a pushover
having a lot of fake friends
drug problems
STD's from sex
having weak morals
desire to fit in
fear of being different
acting like an ass toward the uninfected

Treatment for Peer Pressure:
simply saying no
hanging out with the right crowd
practicing having strong morals
practicing confidence
developing meaningful friendships
staying away from the infected

Infected: "Hey you wanna smoke this blunt?"
Immune person: "No thanks, I'm good."
Infected: "Oh come on, if you don't smoke this then everyone will think you're a loser
Immune person: "Look, I don't want end up being a worthless piece of shit like yourself."
Infected: "Dude stop being such a pussy and smoke this blunt."
Infected: "Ok geez fine, have fun being an outcast." (walks away with infected friends)
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by Dubiks August 13, 2018

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A person who is a cunt to the level of fucking. One level higher than cunt, one level lower than motherfucking cunt, and two levels below thundercunt.
My ex is such a fucking cunt. She told everyone I pissed my pants during the party last night.
by Dubiks January 07, 2019

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A hate group disguised as a charity organization.
The people at Autism Speaks are committing hate crimes against the autistic community.
by Dubiks January 18, 2019

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What is lost whenever you watch one of jake paul’s videos
Me before watching jake paul: I love life
Me after watching jake paul: I lost my faith in humanity. Fuck everything
by Dubiks January 14, 2019

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A shitty website that's dedicated towards blinding children and teens from anything relatively inappropriate from the media until they eventually become adults and realize that the world isn't all sun shines and rainbows. The name itself is super ironic due to the fact that this site fails to realize that we now live in a world where inappropriate content will always be available to children no matter how much prevention people take.
13-year-old: Mom, why can't I watch Trailer Park Boys?
delusional mom: Because it's for people ages 18+ according to Common Sense Media. There's too much profanity and your too young to be hearing bad language.
13-year-old: The people at my school swear like sailors, you can't just blind me from this kind of stuff forever mom.
delusional mom: Well you're a kid and I don't want you to be around any bad language until you're at least 18.
by Dubiks February 20, 2019

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