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see bullshit
The war on drugs is a terrible excuse of an effort that promotes racism and incarceration of minority groups.
by Dubiks November 27, 2018

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Yet another meme that suddenly became popular without any context what so ever
Look out. I think Moto Moto likes you.
by Dubiks February 05, 2019

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What most parents give way too much of a fuck about even though they do it themselves.
*example of swearing*
Me: "Fuck!"
dad: "Watch your mouth, I don't want you using that word in my house.
Me: "Dad you say it too, don't act like you don't."
dad: "I'd never say that word" (drops mug and breaks it) "Fuck!"
by Dubiks December 10, 2018

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The movie rating that is allowed to show massive amounts of people getting killed but is not allowed to say a word we all hear every single day, more than once.
Using this logic, a video of a person stabbing someone would be PG-13 and an average conversation with your friends would be rated R? Doesn't anyone else think that is at least a little weird?
by Dubiks December 01, 2018

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Something I need
I need therapy
by Dubiks January 13, 2019

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The shit you throw at ducks to get them to fuck off
Me: fuck off (throws bread 50 feet away)
duck: (goes and eats bread)
by Dubiks April 14, 2019

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Celebrities secret to losing weight.
friend: "How did Demi Lovato lose all of that weight?"
Me: "cocaine."
friend: "Oh, makes sense."
by Dubiks November 17, 2018

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