cussin is another way of sayin bad mouthing people
"your shoes are ugly, and you think u gangsta. get out my face."
"gurl, stop cussing me"
by babyphat midget muffin January 10, 2005
to utter offensive words in frustration or annoyance. Also used to gain social status
Jillian said, "People think cussing is a way for them to be cool. But its not!"
by done............... January 29, 2018
Homeboy or Homegirl
Anybody you see in the streets
What it dew cuss cuss?
by eeesheee January 28, 2008
(In England)
To insult someone

(cussing - past tense)
If he makes fun of u, cuss him back! /
I was cussing him about his mum
by GivingItStraight February 6, 2016
A slang word for ''curse''.
Don't curse at me.
by David March 7, 2004
The act of insulting somebody really badly and quick wittedly.
1. You just got cussed!
by King L July 20, 2003