Someone who uploads youtube videos, particularly someone who has some what of a fan base. Although it can mean anyone in youtube, it specifically means someone who makes videos.
Bob uploaded a new video.

Bob is a Youtuber
by SomeoneWhoMakesDefinitions October 27, 2013
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If you create content on Youtube, watch people who create content on Youtube, if you interact with people on Youtube via comments or other social networks, if you have a connection to people on the website, then you are part of the Youtube community, and therefore, a youtuber.
"To me, a YouTuber is someone who part of the community of people that actually cares about YouTube and the creations that it hosts."- Hank Green
by thatisit August 24, 2013
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A person who makes videos on youtube for entertaiment means.
"I made a video and posted it on youtube, I'm a youtuber now"
"This youtubers videos are awesome!"
by theshowiki April 18, 2013
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The only job where you can rage all you want without getting fired
Youtubers often get millions of views by raging and cussing where as if they do that at a normal job they’d get fired
by Dubiks December 26, 2018
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An entitled amateur with a camera who suddenly has no time or respect for others because they make potentially up to 10,000 usd per video. Usually a means to an end, a youtuber lacks intelligence to contribute anything progressive to society and resorts to unorganized and random videos to game a rigged platform algorithm, all for a reason to signify their existence.
My dream is to be a YouTubers so people can like me and I can feel important.
by WannaBeFamousWahWah May 16, 2019
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Someone who overreacts or who is overly dramatic
Someone, after taking a bite out of their favorite food, closes their eyes, and makes "mmmm" sounds or starts dancing as they chew.
The friend can then say, you're such a YouTuber.
by KAExom May 19, 2020
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A miserable prick who doesn't want to find a real career so they sit in front of a computer ranting for hours until they get enough followers they can manipulate into giving money to pay their mortgage
Why try to learn real facts by reading books when you can just watch a dumb youtuber
by Proudmisandrist February 28, 2021
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