A word that a person can use when another person said something obvious.
"Can pigs fly?"
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by Zeinab._.R January 11, 2016
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Used by african Americans Males in everyday vocabulary or to greet one another
Wassup Bruh!!!

Damn Bruh, Thats yo Gal!? She Fine as Hell
by Jae' June 08, 2005
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Term originated from Vine and shows "a prisoner falling to the floor in a movie."

Term used to describe something unbelievable or unjust. Also used to describe reaction to something fucking crazy.

The final way (originally on Vine) is when someone says something that makes you feel some type of way.
Guy 1: "I told her I loved her and she ran..."
Guy 2: "BRUH"
by BRUHH July 27, 2014
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