Jamaican patoi for "wind" when a shorty starts booty shaking, in a slow and provocative way.
Me gyal do dem dutty whine like me no seen!!!
by 3k April 22, 2006
1. Usless complaining to others that dont care.
2. Making oneself feel important through the use of usless complaining
3. Using complaining as propaganda to make someone or something look bad
4. plain oll' bein a fag
person 1: yo what is he whinning about now?
person 2: I dont care I just ignore him
by Tony Cabreera June 11, 2005
Whining is complaining when the complaining is of no use. For example when the reason of the complaining can't be eliminated or if the complainer isn't even trying to do so.
"Tom whined about the pebble in his shoe for two hours before removing it."

"Sally kept whining about her headache while waiting for the pain killers to take effect"
by misterx November 29, 2004
To vomit up failure.
"Aww! I hate cabbages!"
"Don't whine. Your failure is sickening me."
"Yes, dear."
by MLIA-ian December 27, 2010
to whine is to complain, offen used in a game caled cs..
you dumb lamer, im gonna smoke you you fat ass mother fucker! - and so on
by Jon-Andre January 8, 2004
The favorite passtime of the liberal, the yuppie, the soccer mom, and the Jewish American Princess. To complain incessantly.
Senaturd Clinton likes to whine that taxes are not high enough.
by Bumkicker Slade May 11, 2005