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Head or blowjob
That girl gave me 🧠 last night
by Dubiks May 24, 2019

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What people say after they’ve jerked off to some really weird shit, usually caused by a animal mating video or a furry video
Me: (watches video of gorillas having sex) not my proudest fap
by Dubiks April 25, 2019

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A person who frequently goes on UD to read definitions but has never actually written a def himself
Max wanted to lose his urban dictionary virginity after reading all of those hilarious definitions
by Dubiks April 18, 2019

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A corrupt and hateful organization that views autism as a disease that needs to be cured, in which close-minded moms will end up pouring massive amounts of money into in order to make their children "the perfect child." They view autistic people as sub-humans who are incapable of love and affection, in which they'll end up using torturous methods such as ABA therapy to convert them to acting "normal." This is a pure example of corporate greed as they are using fear mongering techniques in order to gain as much money as possible even though less than 10% of all the money they receive actually goes to helping the families themselves. There's a reason why so many autistics (including me) heavily despise Autism Speaks and that's because they aren't even listening to the actual autistic people themselves. Instead, They decide to listen to the parents, who are often too ignorant to understand how we actually feel.
Pro Tip: Go to Autistic Self Advocacy Network. It is way better than Autism Speaks in every way and doesn't spread hateful messages about autism.
by Dubiks January 16, 2019

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An old white guy who supports wealth inequality.
Why does Santa give more presents to rich people, even though there are many other people around the world who can't afford the barest of necessities?
by Dubiks December 06, 2018

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The art of not giving a fuck.
*example of confidence*
I'm doing my best and don't give a fuck what anyone thinks.
by Dubiks December 10, 2018

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Urban Dictionary
This website is Urban Dictionary
by Dubiks February 12, 2019

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