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When someone feels hopeless or does not know what to do about something. So it is used in replace to "well" sometimes in a conversation. A combination of "help" and "well".
Welp, I guess what's done is done. Let's just try harder next time!
by WhiteWing1024 November 26, 2015
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To be used in place of 'well', when one feels there is no more to say. This word was originally brought to the peoples' attention in 1994, from Jim Carrey in the cult classic, Dumb & Dumber.
This is simply one of the many words and phrases that continue to be used in teen conversation today.
Initial use of/birth of the word: "Hey fellas. Big Gulps, huh? Welp, see ya later!"

Other examples:
"'Eyy, Jim! I just finished the job on that engine repair, so, feel free to take the credit for it as usual! Welp, That's my queue to leave, so, I suppose I'll see your rotten self tomorrow! Later!"
by Avid watcher. February 06, 2008
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An interjection used when discussing an unfortunate circumstance without expressing anger. "Welp" is often used when exaggerating or seeking pity, sarcastically, or in attempts to conceal frustration. The 'P' sound at the end is usually muted, and simply serves as a consonant sound added onto the commonly known word "well."
Welp, I lost my job, I have a horrible credit score, my spouse wants a divorce, and my insurance company dropped me. I'll just have to go live on the streets, NBD.
by noworriez July 03, 2011
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It's a resigned declaration of existential helplessness. A recognition, if you will, of your insignificance in the face of destiny's vicissitudes. "Wel'p" is the apotheosis of the attitude Tilders (natives of have been taking toward life since early adolescence, the quintessence of the emotion that's bound all neckbeards together through the ages. It is our curse, our blessing, our agony, and our ecstasy. It is wel'p, and it is what allows us to exalt paradoxically in the depths of our shared despair.
Worst pain I've felt since I had my ingrown toe nail removed a year ago.

Seems like I go to the dentist at least once a month, now. That's the only time I get out, anymore. To shuttle my brother to and from his various social functions or to go get my mouth raped.

Mouth is still numb can't eat all day.

by ValerieFio September 20, 2009
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what really annoying people say instead of well. The same kind of people who use jah instead of yes.

Welp, I was a tool so my girlfriend dumped my sorry ass.
by fuzzyturtle July 06, 2004
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Simply a word often used to show one does not care. Used most commonly by teenagers of this generation to portray a nonchalant attitude towards something.
Teacher: "If you don't put your food away I'm going to kick you out of my class and I'll call your parents."

Chuvonya: "Welp! Do you need their numbers?"
by The anonymous angel July 20, 2018
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(interjection): another word for well as in "Oh well.", (noun): a pointless event.
(interjection): Welp, don't even try to turn on the tv, I broke it.
(noun): Trying to fix that busted tv is a welp.
by Allen Hughes III April 27, 2003
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