something i am in desperate need for but dont get because i don't care about my wellbeing
friend: hey amy, you should really consider getting therapy or something, you need help
me: nah i can't be arsed
by amypercy April 14, 2020
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A process in which a false relationship between a counselor or psychotherapist and patient is created. The process fosters dependance and attachment and blames parents for all the problems that the patient has. The process usually ends in a painful abandonment and makes the patient feel way worse than when they started.
therapy was meant to help fo sho but left me feeling worse. Psychotherapist made me dependant on therapy
by Indi Go Violet August 13, 2009
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An amazing song sung by an amazing band: All Time Low. This song helps many, many people through depression without actually going through therapy. Having a hard time? Listen to this song. It heals.
Give me therapy; I'm a walking travesty, but I'm smiling at everything.
by Well fine then July 24, 2011
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Helping someone get there life back after narcissistic abuse changing there mind frame showing them that there is a life outside what youv been through.
Help my mom with Therapy
by Thispagewasmadeforme October 09, 2020
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