To party extremly hard: Excessive drinking, taking of pills, boozing or any combination of the three.

Not possible to remember the previous night...
by Cypress Ryan May 13, 2006
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Extreme and uncontrollable anger. The person who posesses it is most likely to act it out, violently.
I broke the Rottweiler's ribs in a burst of seething rage.
by AYB February 20, 2003
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What you get from reading bad definitions on Urban Dictionary over and over again confirming the fact that the world is actually, just as you always suspected - that being, full of idiotic hicks who cannot for the life of them spell, respect other races, respect women or much else.
If only they would all go shoot themselves and make this world a better and smarter place.
The only people who are worse are the people who give them the thumbs up. These people should be detained in a unit for the clinically ill.
If I had a buck for every bad definition that got published on Urban Dictionary, I would be a millionaire.
by Rosefan June 18, 2005
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to party very hard, to get wasted.
speaker: Dude, i desperately need to party. I've been sober for the past week
friend: Yeah bro! let's fucking rage!!!
by captain explosion January 4, 2008
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Winning. Partying like you mean it. Often involves house music or dubstep at fantastically high volume and flailing. The act is called raging while those who partake and also the venue are sometimes called ragers. Similar to a rave. Ought to involve glowsticks.
I think we might be raging!
Dude, I just want to rage.
by retsasid May 2, 2011
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an abbreviation of the name of the band "rage against the machine" , a rap metal/hip hop rock band of the mid-late 90's, a rabble rousiong, riot inducing, system destroying powerhouse, the inspiration of a generation, and all round anarchic motherfuckers. this is one band thats going down in the history books.
" yo, check da new rage album man, that shit is da madnotes!"
"word, bitch, i got that shit, dat is some fuckin class tunes"
by alan the clit commander. August 5, 2003
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German speed metal band formerly known as Avenger
reign in fear was Rage's 1st album
by metallord August 4, 2004
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