Shaking My Fucking Head, from original SMH, Shaking My Head, as in disbelief.
SMFH, I watched the guy go bungee jumping with a home made bungee made from rubber bands.
by Greg Elmassian November 17, 2007
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Shaking My Fucking Head. orginial SMH meaning disbelief
Dang dude that girl hooked up with thirty people!!
Yea man we think he has herpes and gonorrhea

Smfh. slut
by kewlKAt! January 23, 2010
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For those bitch ass niqqas who cant seem to qet my name out they mouth while talkin ishh bout me , qet ova yaself & qet a mothafuckin lifee

#smfh -_-
by nikkiBabyy7 June 17, 2011
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Petra thought it would be funny to replace the artisinal vegan organic tempeh with regular supermarket tempeh for the dinner party later that evening since Roger's uppity post doc french literature cohort would be breaking gluten free bread with them and finishing the evening with a reading and critique. Last time, Camille, her arch nemesis, read her the riot act for not serving specifically vegan, organic, fair trade, Oregon tilth, kombucha-tinis. After seeing Petra's unbridled joy for doing such a dastardly deed, I was smfh.
by Mizby July 10, 2017
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Shaking my fucking head: an expression of disappointment in someone's actions or words where smh is not enough. It shows a higher level of disappointment.
by Thelegendarysonic February 12, 2017
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Texting ...
Dick: how could u forget my birthday smfh

Margret: I’m so sorry
by Bre4nna May 17, 2019
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An extension of the acronym "SMH" which means, Shaking my head.Basically stating that your ashamed or disappointed .
"That was so dumb smfh"
by ewitsjaelan March 11, 2017
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