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IML I’ve been given multiple opportunities to become a rapper
by Dubiks February 02, 2019
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instant messaging language. 4 ppl who r lazy n dont feel like ritin evry letter of evry word while instant messaging. can be combined to make more, awsomer iml. u can even create ur own! can b used irl but will b followed by awkward silence.

1 that i created:ursd4ratduhnl?
some examples of iml are:
lol=laughing out loud, lmao=laughing my ass off, lmfao=laughing my fucking ass off, laf=laugh, omg=oh my gosh, omfg=oh my fucking god, rotf=rolling on the floor, irl=in real life, u=you, dum=dumb 2=to or too or two, 4=for or four, 4evr=forever, d/c or dc or discon=disconnected, w/=with, w/o=without, +=plus or and, royml=rolling on your mom laughing, ftbrg=fuck that butt real good, 2day=today, vid=video, dont=don't, wont=won't, cant=can't, im=I'm, IM=instant message b=be, hav=have evry=every, rite=right or write, n=and, ppl=people, wut=what, y=why, o=oh, !=excitement, ?=what or questioning, rly=really, i=I, ur=your or you're, c=see, sn=screenname, stfu=shut the fuck up, jk=just kidding or joke, cuz or bc or b/c=because, mins=minutes, cept=except, h8=hate, r=are, ther=there or their or they're, ttyl=talk to you later, cya=see you, l8r=later, sxe=sexy, bb=baby, brb= be right back, qt=cutie, bbl=be back later, 1=one, ursd4ratduhnl=you are so dumb for reading all this do you have no life?
by a prsn June 26, 2008
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IML : Noun

Imaginary Money Loss
The feeling of money being lost even if it didnt actually happen. It makes U sad even if U know it is stupid and unreasonable.

Usually happens due to carelessness, but the loss of memory is not involved.
IML is not a disease and it can only be confirmed by the person who had IML, else it is just a mistake.
Guy is late for work. He keeps two currencies which looked alike to him in his wallet.

For lunch he takes them out to pay. Sees that both the notes are different actually. The total amount is lesser than he had thought. He is sure that nobody even touched his wallet before; but, he feels like he has lesser money than before.

His girlfriend asks him why he is sad. He replies "Oh, nothing. I just had an IML today".
by krishkr September 08, 2010
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