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When an event or person is so godly or amazing that the only way it could be possible is if they are Jesus himself.
Dude that guy over there has picked up every girl all night..........without even talking to them!!!!!!??!!!!

-Jesus himself-

My friend robbed the biggest bank in the world using only a ballpoint pen!!!!

-Jesus himself-
by Zygorff October 20, 2009
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A fucking amazing internet celebrity, A self centered fuck with a mohawk thats growing constantly,Most people think he is a fag, but he fucks more bitches than you can count.
Everyone Loves him but his haters, Everyone wants to BE him. He has a really big dick.
"Aaron Long Is Jesus Himself!"
"I wish I was Jesus himself"
"He tried to cut his hair like Jesus Himself, But it totally didnt work"
by Kayla Malcolm December 07, 2007
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