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1. Morally depraved, dissolute, bad, vicious, wicked or evil. Unscrupulous, corrupt. A reprobate.

2. Morally wrong, unethical.

Often confused with amoral, unmoral, and nonmoral, of which the first is the most common; immoral simply means bad and defiant of the moral principles of society while amoral means lacking in or indifferent to any morals, neither moral or immoral (neither good or bad).
The necktie psychopath is as immoral as they come, cunningly charming and manipulating their way to the top, indifferent to who they hurt along the way.

Josef Mengele led experiments that led to greater medical understanding... but were stridently immoral and cruel.
by Lorelili August 13, 2011
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And adjective relating to behavior that is wrong, unethical; disregard for the conscience or moral compass.
Caligula delighted in the immoral pleasures of incest with his sisters, torture and murder of prisoners and slaves, the rapes of the wives and daughters of wealthy Romans, desecration of sacred buildings, and generally violating the rights of his people.

Israel, through tampering with information and manipulating the public, has oppressed the Palestinians and made their lives miserable for the sake of a "Jewish homeland"; such a policy sounds perversely immoral and counterproductive.
by Lorelili June 07, 2011
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