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phrase commonly said by "Flo" on the television show, Alice.
Flo: Hay, meester!
Man: What?
Flo: You fergot sumthin'.
Man: What?
Flo: You fergot to KISS MAH GRI-YITS!
by cass March 09, 2004
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A wonderful song and choreographed dance concocted by the band Phish.
Time for the meatstick,
bury the meatstick,
take out the meatstick time

whoa, shocks my brain!
by Cass April 13, 2005
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Someone who is a nice little good friend or person.
Also , a made up name for Chris carraba of dashboard confessional.
You're a good doobley!
Chris Doobley played REM covers the other day.
by Cass March 25, 2004
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B.O.M.B-when someone is sexy/hot nice body,can be a guy or girl
"oh my god that guy is so bomb"
"bro that broad is bomb"
by cass February 22, 2004
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A woman who is not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well. Known for her vivacious nature and bubbling personality this one blooms under the knowledge that you treasure her while possessing an iron fist that holds no remorse in the felling of those who even think about bringing harm to one she loves.
Carriekins: Okay, whose ass do I need to kick?
by Cass February 12, 2005
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T3h Jake, Jakester, JakeMeister, Your God and Messiah to name a few of his other names. This is the name of greatness, guaranteed to pwn you without a second thought. You are powerless against his rapier wit and charming looks, men cower, sluts languish dejectedly due to his disinterest, but be careful... the jakehugger is a specially devised mechanism that can be cast upon you withouta thought and will inflate your ego to dangerous levels!
Jakeness: omgz ur so l337
Ron: i wurship u jakeness
by Cass February 13, 2005
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Use the lower portion of your digestive system as a storage bin for contraband
Carl had to keister a half-kilo of coke in order to clear customs from Columbia.
by Cass July 01, 2005
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