what a women does if you fuck her right
she screamed, it felt so good...she'd never been fucked like that before.
by slfsrvcd March 9, 2005
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What women do during sex, not so often in men.
by Sexy and Horny December 31, 2008
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Best horror trilogy of all time--both in fan approval and in box office muscle. Anyone with an IQ over 120 should be able to see that.
Scream Trilogy beat the shit outta Jason and Michael and Freddy's movies wuh-huh? YEP!
by Homme Bik March 11, 2004
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often the last thing someone ever does when a knife is at their throat. well, no, its the second to last thing. the last thing is when they sink to the floor dying. oh well.
also, a movie i havent seen, but i have the icon!
*killer* stab! stab! stab!
*woman* scream! scream! scream! die!

/ i have no idea where i come up with this stuff/
by Short Stuf (again) July 26, 2004
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Australian colloquil:

Someone or something that is very funny.

Source: The Macquarie Dictionary. 2nd ed.
(The National Dictionary of Australia)
After a person has said something or acted in a way that is hilariously funny, one could say:

"John, you're a scream."
by N.D. Hare July 9, 2005
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similar to holler (holla) or call back
he called me this morning and I'll give a scream later
by abysinth July 8, 2005
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Simple.. Something that you do if you keep your pussy clean
Beat King: If you keep your pussy clean, then scream
by spainbuttheinissilent December 23, 2020
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