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"Mofo I ordered a kebab pizza and all I got was tomato bread and dog meat!"

"Ah, you should have gone to Franco's, ma young apprentice."
by cass February 3, 2005
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Name of a sharp edged rock n' roll band from Edinburgh, Scotland
Stocious play some hard riffing songs, especially that 'Little Black Shorts'
by cass February 3, 2005
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Dude, it happens wen u eat hella fuckin candy or just sugar(anything wit sugar works) and ur hella fuckin twitchy and shit. Unfortunately, it doesnt last very long. Only ppl who dont do drugs eat hella fuckin sugar to get high off of it.
After getting a sugar high, i was hella just sitting in the corner twitching until it wore off.
by cass February 7, 2004
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cass's victory scream. somewhat offensive.
I won I won! Mee-pop!!
by cass August 10, 2003
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The most amazing person in the whole entire world. theres no one else like him
by cass December 13, 2003
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A wonderful song and choreographed dance concocted by the band Phish.
Time for the meatstick,
bury the meatstick,
take out the meatstick time

whoa, shocks my brain!
by cass April 13, 2005
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