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Fourty days before Easter and the beginning of Lent when all the Catholics walk around with smudges on their foreheads and begin a fast from some vice or food or luxury and go around complaining to their friends about how great a sacrifice they are making when they are asked about the black smudge on their forehead.

It is supposed to be for the purpose of remembering Christ's sacrifice on the cross. So that everytime you crave the thing you are giving up you will remember the crucifixion and be thankfull or do something good for people.
Dude1:Dude, you have something on your forehead.

Catholic Dude:It's ashes, Man, it's ash wednesday. Dude, i gave up sex for lent.

Dude1: Man, you haven't gotten laid in months anyway, Dude.
by cass March 10, 2004
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Name of a sharp edged rock n' roll band from Edinburgh, Scotland
Stocious play some hard riffing songs, especially that 'Little Black Shorts'
by cass February 3, 2005
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"Mofo I ordered a kebab pizza and all I got was tomato bread and dog meat!"

"Ah, you should have gone to Franco's, ma young apprentice."
by cass February 3, 2005
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Canadian dish that has spread in popularity to the Northeastern states. Traditionally it was fried potatoes covered in turkey gravy and sprinkled with the skimmed cheese curds. Modern interpretations are:

Beef gravy and mozzarella cheese, called Hobo Fries in the MD/DC/NOVA region.

Chicken gravy and mozzarella cheese, called Disco Fries in the NJ/NY/PA region - often considered the true new form considering NJ has more diners that any other state and this is where the dish is normally available.
"Welcome to Quebec - would you like to try some poutine today eh? It should be right oot."

"Ugh, I was so trashed last night I couldnt even find my way back to the metro and I wandered around Adams Morgan for like 40 minutes. Thank God I made it back to College Park, because now we can go to Platos and have hobo fries."

"Yo, I got so fucking fucked up last night. I just barely caught the Path back to NJT and got home to New Brunzz. Lets peace over to the diner for some fucking disco fries."
by cass March 17, 2005
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Yales' ridiculously overconfident douche of a cousin. School where you can work unbelieveably hard to get accepted, actually get accepted, then realize during the first semester you should've gone to Yale. Quite frankly, even Brown (shudder) would've been a better choice. In recent years people have realized hiring people simply because they went to Harvard is useless, as normally they have to pay to bring in a Yalie to do the job afterwards. Then they have to bring the Brown man (who is now a plumber) to show the Harvard man how to take a shit. In short, a school that (despite constantly being on top of superficial lists written by people who either went to or fear Harvard) is inferior both academically and athletically to Yale. Go BULLDOGS.
Tom: Sarah graduated from Yale last weekend.
Steve: Oh really, thats great!
Tom: Not really. She realized she is actually dumber now than she was 4 years ago when she started, so now shes going to try her hand at Yale, if she can get in.

A student fan from each Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Brown are standing on a cliff together during football season. The Princeton man runs forward and yells, "This is for the Tigers!". Not to be outdone, the Brown man runs forward and yells "This is for the Bears!". Aghast at what just happened, the Yale and Harvard men look at each other in shock. The Yale man shrugs, as if to say "hey why not". The Harvard man scoffs and looks at the Yale man like hes an idiot. Then the Yale man proceeds to push the Harvard man off the cliff proclaiming "This is for all mankind".
by cass October 30, 2006
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T3h Jake, Jakester, JakeMeister, Your God and Messiah to name a few of his other names. This is the name of greatness, guaranteed to pwn you without a second thought. You are powerless against his rapier wit and charming looks, men cower, sluts languish dejectedly due to his disinterest, but be careful... the jakehugger is a specially devised mechanism that can be cast upon you withouta thought and will inflate your ego to dangerous levels!
Jakeness: omgz ur so l337
Ron: i wurship u jakeness
by cass February 13, 2005
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phrase commonly said by "Flo" on the television show, Alice.
Flo: Hay, meester!
Man: What?
Flo: You fergot sumthin'.
Man: What?
Flo: You fergot to KISS MAH GRI-YITS!
by cass March 10, 2004
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