A man who is ingeniously mechanically inclined, meticulous and tidy in his work, a born leader, always the alpha in a pack of men, uses keen logic in everything he does, is particularly good in running a business, extraordinarily talented in finding new ways to generate money, a quick learner and highly intelligent(smart enough to be dangerous to anyone who gets on his bad side), articulate in speech (and thus is usually seen attached to a cell phone), and generally family based. Chets make good faithful husbands, fearless patriots, successful business owners, loving fathers, fulfilling lovers, honest Christians, stoic protectors of all that is dear to a man, awesome friends, keen outdoorsmen, wicked-cool inventors, and dangerous pranksters. It is nearly impossible to outwit a Chet. If a Chet doesn't know you that well, then it is in your best interest to always be polite to him. Do not expect to insult a Chet without losing your job or social standing as he will thoroughly shame you and put you in your rightful place. Chets can be your best friends or worst enemies. Often they are misunderstood and thought of as assholes, when in reality, they are just blunt and don't put up with crap from anyone. But once you get to know a Chet, you will undoubtedly wish you were one, or at least his friend. It is easy to be jealous of them. If a woman prefers a white bellied, soft-handed man who wears designer clothes, she should NEVER marry or even date a Chet.
Woman broke down on the side of the road: "I need a Chet to save the day."

Thief: "Oh crap! Let's get outta here! I heard a Chet cock his pistol!"

by LuckyChetLover March 20, 2009
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A derogative term used to describe someone who displays abhorrent behavior that is unacceptable to society. Someone who is labeled as a "Chet" actively goes out of their way to display and exhibit extremely toxic behaviors in all manners of life.
"The way you're acting right now is terrible; don't be a Chet."
by mirageomega January 4, 2022
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A typical college frat guy. Sometimes called dude-bros, they love giving each other bro-grabs and high fives. Popped collars are a must. Most of them were usually once football players in highschool and "totally railed" the prom queen. beer is usually only consumed from a bong or by keg stands. Large groups of them amass at house parties. Most of them only wear A&F Fierce cologne to attrack the opposite sex. They are always prepaired to wrestle/arm wrestle/pushup contest/pickup heavy things contest someone at a party to establish dominance
look at those chets totally bro-grabbing and wrestling.
by Jagzi11a September 15, 2008
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A superficial, shallow prettyboy who adheres to magazines like Maxim, GQ as their personal bible. Chets mostly have corporate jobs...predominately in sales, and spend much of their disposable income on designer clothes, expensive watches, cologne, jewelry, nice cars, etc....often beyond their means, with the primary goal of impressing the ladies and making other Chets jealous. They have little interest in anything besides money, sports, women, and their jobs and are usually unable to hold a conversation on anything but these topics. Their primary goal is to "get chicks" and they often go out with main purposes of getting drunk, getting high, and getting laid. They hang out in packs, are loud, obnoxious, and judge each other soley on their superficial possessions and their success in getting laid. They have little culture, and basically like whatever fashion style, music, etc, is popular at the time (or whatever Maxim or GQ tells them to like).

Basically, a Chet is the next step in evolution of a stereotypical fratboy.

The term's origin comes from Wyatt's older brother Chet (played by Bill Paxton) in the 80's movie "Weird Science".
Chet in the movie is a different kind of Chet though, as he's more of a meathead goobah than a GQ prettyboy. Therefore, the term "Chet" can be used interchangeably between the two.
Bob just got a subscription to Maxim. What a F-ckin' Chet.
by CB2 January 18, 2006
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Greg: Hey Jim, your a fuckin chet!
by Jboner312 November 5, 2011
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A young boy roughly around the ages of 20-25 that acts like a very disgusting useless old man.
-Hey guys I'm going to get go take another nap.
-What a chet!
by P.K.E. November 14, 2009
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A moron who cant do anything without cocking it up.
The plumber was round yesterday but didnt have the right tools, what a complete CHET.
by Spaggo April 21, 2004
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