An amazing loving kind full guy. He is protective when it comes to those he loves and especially to his partner. He is a kind, intelligent, lovable guy . He sometimes feels guilty for things that aren't his fault. At times he is sensitive and shy but that only happens when he is uncomfortable.

Exactly The type of guy that you wouldn't want to slip away. He's loving and caring. He will accept you for who you are. Roy will always be there for you no matter what . He will stay up for you, when everyone else is against you. hes type of guy that makes sure your okay while he's hurting. He stands up for the people he cares about . When he talks you have know choice but to listen. He is a handsome man that knows what we wants, and how to get it. He can drive a woman crazy without even trying. Roy Is the type of man you marry and grow old with.
Roy deserves to be the happiest guy in the world .
Roy is so cute!
by Kiaors February 7, 2017
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Roy is the best friend that you will ever meet...and if you are someone that is important in his life he will care for you so much even when he isnt feeling the best. He is the cutest boy you will ever find and rlly athletic. And if you are in some type of relationship with him dont end it keep it otherwise you will regret it

And he will just always have your back...and some words to describe roy are...

And just the best
Adam: wait have u seen Roy?
Caleb: Ya hes my best friend
Adam: Oh rlly man your so lucky hes the cooloest kid ever
Caleb: ya i know :)
by ...... :0 March 8, 2021
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Roy get hella hoes and has a big dick
Roy has a really big dick and gets hoes with it
by Roy has a big dick February 10, 2017
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A nice guy. Is messed up in some ways but very protective when it comes to ones he loves. Maybe not attrative but very smart. If you are his partner then you are lucky to have a sweet loveing cite nice guy like him. He can make any girl fall for him and he is VERY romantic. Did I mention he makes a great boyfriend? ;)
Roy is **SO SWEET**
by CountryLady February 21, 2018
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He is very sweet, handsome, kind and funny too. All the good adjectives is fit for him. He can make you fall inlove with him easily. He is tall, nice built body huhu. I am obsessed with him!

If you readd thiss, know thatI love youverymuch. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜
โ€œ You bring Roy to my life.โ€
by Butterflyyrrrrr October 7, 2021
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Roy is the BEST male stripper that everyone wants to jerk off to.
by Bubba of them all October 2, 2017
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1. a male given name. Also little known Peanuts character introduced in 1965, and was the best friend of Peppermint PATTY (

2. generally a name for a virile and attractive male, could possibly be a Fire an Aries. Has a tendency to be stalked by older, unattractive, short women. Prone to being cockblocked. Has a hard time saying NO when necessary so may also be prone to "bad" touches and unnecessary roughness from short, hairy and detestable females when he's really dying inside at the thought. (think Ace Ventura and the shower and plunger scene)
Logic class Prof: Consider the following example:

1. The man is virile and attractive.
2. The man is an Aries.
3. A short detestable female tried to take the man's stuff.

Thus the man's name must be Roy.

Students (in unison): Damn Straight!
by LightofTruth July 14, 2009
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