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The worst of the four classifications of lies: lies, damned lies, statistics, alternative facts. Alternative facts are distinguished from the other damnable lies by the addition of gaslighting the listener.
After backing up her false statements with alternative facts, Kellyanne Conway threatened the "dishonest" media for suggesting that she might be lying.
by Bogrimm January 22, 2017

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A giant, unavoidable bowel movement whose aftermath can clear an entire house and leaves its shocked victims in a mood as foul as its odor.
The police did not need to confront the crowd with riot gear because the assembly quickly and peacefully dispersed after a protester took a steaming tronald dump on the Donald Trump sign, making any further presence in the vicinity too nauseating.
by Bogrimm November 12, 2016

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To masturbate in the shower while your boo is in the kitchen cooking pies.
My lady was doin' the homemaker thing and didn't want to get nasty, so I took a quick shower and a wetty fap.
by Bogrimm October 02, 2015

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A synonym for legs, especially when referring to them in a sexual way.
Made famous by the line in the Rick Springfield song Jessieā€˜s Girl, "He's holding her anus arms late, late at night."
by Bogrimm June 15, 2013

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A vagina covered in so much hair that it is not unlike the nether regions of the legendary Sasquatch.
After watching all the relatively hairless modern pornography widely available on the Interweb, I was shocked to finally get a look at a video with vintage 70's-era sastwatch.
by Bogrimm August 09, 2008

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A description of a photograph of someone's face unintentionally frozen in an expression of derp.
Stepping through a blue ray disc of a Disney movie frame by frame reveals a goldmine of derptacular character photos.
by Bogrimm February 21, 2015

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Researching your genealogy on Ancestry.com and embellishing your lineage with all sorts of famous connections which may or may not be accurate.
When I discovered on Ancestry.com that I was a direct descendant of English and Scottish kings, I immediately published my Famfiction on all my social media accounts.
by Bogrimm January 09, 2017

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