Guy: Hey, wanna hear a scary story?
Girl : Sure
Guy: Ok: "Welcome, President Trump"

*And from that day on most of humanity had a heart attack and died.*
by Corey the best Definer August 12, 2016
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1. (n) The condition of a man's penis being so infected with unknown disease/diseases that it is instantly horrifying to any person who is unlucky enough to see it.

2. (v) The act of attempting to have sex with someone even though any fool can clearly see from the foul state of their junk that they need to visit a doctor and a priest and/or exorcist.
1. "Did you do it with Johny last night?"

"Well, I wanted to, but he had a President Trump in his pants. I was so disgusted I ran out of the room without another word."
"Sounds awful, I can't blame you.

2. "I cannot believe he President Trumped you!"

"I know! I pulled down his pants and nearly retched when I saw what his junk looked like. I almost called the CDC then and there."
by AngryAndRightOfCenter April 26, 2017
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45th President of the United States of America. He made the economy better and protects the country from illegal Mexican immigrants.
President Trump: "We will build a wall to keep our border safe!"
by my brain is FUBAR November 22, 2018
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President Donald Trump. The greatest President the U.S. ever had! He is the last true American in office!
President TRUMP is the last true American in office. He didn't sell out or country like biden will.
by Xh1 December 7, 2020
The disquieting feeling of fear, horror, and loneliness that engulfs your entire body--down to your soul--when you realize that you're living in a representative-democracy where the percent of the population that is intentionally ignorant, racist, sexist, and/or bigoted has reach a critical mass.
Person 1: "Can you believe Donald Trump is president?"
Person 2: "...I just don't care anymore. After the election and the complete lack of intelligent thought from so many people, my PTSD (President-Trump Stress Disorder) has led me to realize that if it wasn't that waste-of-oxygen we would've voted in some other demagogue... Wanna get drunk?"

Person 1: "Aren't you supposed to be at work?"
Person 2: "I was going to go to work, but PTSD (President-Trump Stress Disorder) sunk in: if representative governments are only as good as the intelligence of their citizenry, then what's the point?... so I dropped acid instead.
by dbp0011 November 19, 2016
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Jared: Mathematics class was just one big Trump Presidency!
Jared 2: I have no idea what you're talking about Jared 1. You're fifty two.
by A Sentient Chicken Nugget October 6, 2020
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