Me: I would love to fuck Moses' thrussy like this.
Moses: Don't stop, don't miss
by Thrussykiller April 27, 2017
throat. some people call it the throat pussy but it’s just a throat. can be used in sexual or non perfected manner, it depends on the person.
girl 1: my thrussy hurts
guy 1: haha u was suckin dick
guy 2: no you idiot she was sick

girl 2 UwU
by 50 shades of shit. June 10, 2019
The gross neck folds of fat, old men that dangle like the labia of fat, old women.
Donald Trump's neck has a thrussy. You heard me; now try to unsee that shit. At least he doesn't have a neck beard to go along with it.
by Bogrimm May 25, 2017
Your throat when you're giving a blow job. Portmanteau of throat and pussy.
He fucked her thrussy for about 30 seconds before he came
by Gay for paul mccartney April 27, 2017
Dave watched Mary as she ate her pizza and took one look at her throat and said "Damn u gotta thicc thrussy"
by peachytoes666 June 1, 2017
A burp.
Thomas just slammed a Dr Pepper and had a thrussy queef.
by bussyqueen42069 February 23, 2022