“You’d better stop saying those slurs, you white supremacist.”
by thegingeraleslut September 23, 2019
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white supremacist (noun phrase) : 1. One who believes that blue eyed people have superior abstract reasoning and thinking abilities to brown eyed people.
Many white supremacists advocate that brown eyed people not be given power over blue eye people.
by Rob Matrix September 23, 2019
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A person who is white and exhibits views and actions similar to those of the President of the United States who is, ironically, orange, rather than white.
"Dude did you hear Darryl's a white supremacist?"
"Yeah, doesn't he think all Mexicans are rapists or drug smugglers? And that everyone from the Middle East is a terrorist?"
"Yeah, he's a fuckin' idiot."
by theactualtrashcan September 23, 2019
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A skinny little white guy with a overblown inferiority complex who for some strange reason known only to psychology experts thinks the Caucasian race is superior to every other. Being on average of a height between 5"7 and 5"9, and weighing in at around 145-160lb these dumb fucks will gladly (and foolishly) take on any 6"2" Islander one on one, only to end up in the ER within 15 minutes pissing blood from every orifice.
Those white supremacists are dumbasses! They go on about how the white race is both physically and intellectually superior to every other, then they take on some black guy twice their size and prove otherwise.
by johnnylongprong April 5, 2009
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A person who makes a lot of money in the stock market when they're not supposed to.
White supremacists caused the bankruptcy of Melvin Capital by buying GameStop stock.
by CrispasNary January 28, 2021
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a title that twitter they/thems give you when you say something they disagree with.
"All gamers are white supremacists, and thats a fact" - FerociouslySteph
by Rysetk October 23, 2020
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Someone who:
1. Believes the white (Caucasian) race is superior to all others
2. Believes the white (Caucasian) race deserves more rights and privileges than other races
3. Denies that members of the white (Caucasian) race did any wrong to other races in the past that is putting those races at a disadvantage in the present
4. Denies certain rights for members of one or more other races.

5. Avoids hiring or letting family members date members of other races.

6. Spreads negative propaganda about ethnic groups.
Trump refused to distance himself from white supremacists.
by Simmaniac September 22, 2019
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