The word 'thrive' originates from a central auckland crew commonly known as the 'Ultimate Thrivers'.
This prestigous bunch of people developed the word during many drunk nights and good times.

It has many meanings but generally donates fun, success, happiness and good times.
by Ben August 03, 2004
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Thriving means you are either doing well or not doing well. It can be sarcastic
I just failed all my classes. I’m thriving 🤠

I’ve just eaten 4 boxes of nuggets. I’m thriving 🤠
by 🤠Mood March 07, 2019
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Living your best life; having a grand ole time usually while intoxicated; at your highest point when intoxicated
Living your best life; having a grand ole time usually when intoxicated; on the highest point when intoxicated; "I am f*#%ing thriving!"
by Efuckingwierz October 28, 2017
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It doesn't happen pretty often, but when it does it very special. It can consist of having a great conversation, dancing , or just living life to the fullest.
by KairiDawn January 16, 2019
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to grow vigorously; flourish

to gain in wealth or posessions; prosper
Olivia is drinking an iced almond milk latte. She's thriving.

by Foreignbrew February 23, 2019
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