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A small, quiet town in Northern Virginia. Consists of various, scattered farms and housing developments as well as a SuperTarget and a Harris Teeter. Nestled in between the snobby town of Gainesville, and the hick country known as Nokesville. Known for their great parties.
Bob: Yo man! Let's go hit up Nokesville!
Joe: Nah, man! I am not partying in a barn!
Bob: Alright, let's hit up Gainesville!

Joe: Too many rich snobs!
Bob: Then where?
Joe: Bristow is where it's at!
by Nate332 February 10, 2011
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1. Hell, located in Oklahoma (35 miles East of Tulsa) 2. A great place to buy methanphetamines
Kayla: I'm going to Bristow to buy some meth. You wanna come?
Regina: That's OK, since I left Hell I don't want to go back.
by morphineline October 14, 2007
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(Br-IH-stow)- A "Bristow" is a hairy little man, similar to a hobbit. This "man" has a very low self-esteen and cries at least 3 times a day for being accused of being a bristow. He rids his anger by beating women, usually with his fists/open hand, but has been known to occasionally headbutt.
Great Merlin's Beard! Rachel just got Bristowed!!

By the Beard of Zeus! Abby just got Bristowed!!
by i like to slap bitches! April 05, 2009
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Masturbating a mans cock while using tongue on his arse hole.
Named after Eric Bristow the famous British darts player who always threw darts like he was wankin someone off round the front while pushing his tongue up chuff mountain at the back
Oh I just went into the toilets in Finsbury park and some gay bastard asked me if I wanted a bristow.
by Fahuq Heisalaam February 22, 2008
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Being unnecessarily poncy with your drink choices
A chardonnay middelvei?! Stop being such a Bristow...
by bazsingh23 March 28, 2016
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