A TV Series that ran from 1974-1979.
Good times, anytime you need a payment
Good times, anytime you need a friend
Good times, anytime you're out from under
Not getting hassled, not getting hustled
Keeping your head above water
Makin' a wave when you can
Temporary layoffs, good times
Easy-credit ripoffs, good times
Scratchin' and survivin', good times
Hangin' in the chow line, good times
Ain't we lucky we got 'em
Good ti-i-imes, yeah.
by Good_Times July 31, 2005
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Very popular 1970's sitcom about a black family living in Chicago.
Example: None of you jerks have heard of the great show known as "Good Times".
by Canaduck May 03, 2004
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A TV show that aired way back in the 70's, which illustrated the life of a black family living in the projects.

The TV show became an instant classic thanks to the lively yet scrawny character J.J. Evans aka "Kid Dyn-o-mite"

The other characters were Florida (the compassionate mother), James Sr (the discplinarian father), Thelma (the hot sister), Michael (the pre-pubescent annoying kid brother), Willona (the intruding next door neighbor), and Bookman aka "Buffalo Butt" (the fatass super who everyone makes fun of)

The show also featured the acting debut of Janet Jackson as Penny (the cute but wiseass orphaned child)
dude1: What're u watching?
dude2: Good Times
dude1: is that the show wit ReRun?
dude2: no, its with Kid Dyn-O-mite!
by pascaL July 24, 2004
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An interjection that is used when done with a reminecint story, the story can be good or bad, if bad you might be associated with a wiseass.
person 1 a.k.a. mike:remember that time tim's grandma died?
person 2 a.k.a. jim: yeah, good times.
by Carson December 17, 2004
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used at the end of a statement. when friends remember of something good that happened some time ago. usually after remembering the good times, they go back into their sad boring lives called the real world.
person1:hey, remember that time whats his name tripped and fell into a pond?
person2:yea that was funny
person 1:good times...
person 2:good times...

person 1 & 2: *sigh*

person 1: our lives suck...
person 2:yea...
by sum loser July 16, 2005
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A phrase used commonly in boring or non-exciting situations when something unexpected happens. If you and your friends are sitting around staring at the wall and you start hysterically laughing, thats good times.
*sniff*....did tim just fall off the roof?....good times...yep
by Pistol Starta February 11, 2004
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