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Ex-pectacles are the spectacles that your Ex will view your new flame with. An ex-partner will always think that your new partner is unattractive, which is explained by Ex-pectacles. This is similar to "beer goggles" but opposite!
Rani broke up with Raj months ago but thinks his new girlfriend is unattractive even when she is smoking hot! Rani must be using her Ex-pectacles.
by AxonL December 26, 2018
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The relationship between roommates that are confined at home, forced to share a fridge and it’s dwindling contents in the middle of a pandemic imposed quarantine. This “relationship” can look like friends or enemies, depending on the state of the fridge.
Jack and Jill have been dating for months and decided to shack up together for the quarantine. However, when they began to run low on ice cream, they turned from lovers into fridge frenemies...
by AxonL May 06, 2020
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Your immediate close friend circle around you. Equivalent to personal space but comprising your social circle and close friends instead of physical space around you.
Raj broke up with Rani months ago, but still hangs out with her friends. He's cool with infringing her friendspace, but she's irritated
by AxonL November 24, 2018
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The act of wearing two condoms during sex, in the belief that they will offer double the protection.
Jared always carries a couple of condoms in his car, for double gloving in case he has a one night stand.
by AxonL July 05, 2020
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If religiosity is considered to be infectious, as it spreads uncontrollably through the human population like a virus....then religious inoculation would be controlled exposure to religious influences so as to build immunity to it
Sam's annual visits to his family church is his way of religious inoculation ...
by AxonL November 04, 2017
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The phenomenon where a pandemic forces quarantine on the population, and people wear pajamas all day long!
I had to take a walk to escape the Coronavirus lockdown and boy, everyone was walking around in pandemic pajamas!
by AxonL May 05, 2020
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Late night discussions with your lover in bed that are therapeutic to both partners.
Jack was going through a rough patch at work but regular pillow therapy with his girlfriend helped preserve his sanity.
by AxonL February 19, 2020
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