A right wing, rich, upper class, yuppie, holyer-than-thou, coke snorting, anarchy type political party who are so conservative they don't want to change anything. They are against anything that is not approved by God, and are always claiming that the democrats are evil.
Person: I'm a Republican.

Person2: I hate you.
by Mr. Zimpy November 22, 2009
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Rude, Intolerant people who are very closed minded. People who care more about sperm cell then students and minorities.
Hi I'm Karen a mother of 6 who is a proud Republican. Go trump!
by mostsuperior October 19, 2019
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A redneck, gun loving, democracy hating, hypocrite that typically belives democratically elected leaders are tyrants, fascists, or Socialists, despite the fact that in reality the US already has elements of Socialism in place. Responsible for 90% of America's current problems. Synonyms of Republicans include bullshit, dumbfucks, and elitist ignorant bastards
by Screw Republicans March 03, 2010
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Someone who supports small government when it can help you and big government when it controls who you can marry and what you can smoke.

Someone who calls democrats crackheads without realizing that the retard in office is the only crackhead around.
Someone who drops out of school to do drugs is not a democrat, its the president and the vice president who are republicans
by Bush Hater March 17, 2005
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American born without a soul.
The Republican voted against extending unemployment, because he felt it was better to rob the poor to give to the rich.

The Republican believes in the right to life for already aborted stem cells that will never grow into a human being, but supports the death penalty for people who are alive. He believes in supporting life for everyone who is not poor, short, yellow, black, brown, a liberal or an animal. Politically correctly called "Soul-less-Americans" feel no connection to any other living being, but instead use passionate arguments to advance desires for monetary power and control of others.
by WisdomX November 19, 2010
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Dude, that guys a such a republican. I watched him drink the last Pepsi, but he swears he didn't.
by Schmitty777 August 12, 2009
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A person who typically suffers from some form of Paranoid Personality Disorder.
Sally Kern is a Republican legislator from Oklahoma who believes that America's gays are responsible for the Bu$h recession.
by WiserOne July 04, 2009
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