fat conroy came over and took an annual, then left. Next day he took another one, it smelled funkayyyy.
by alex December 29, 2004
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When you get an aneurysm secondary to tax season. Headache, numbness, walking and talking funny secondary to tax season or the April 15th deadline.
Holy cow! These taxes are due in one week on the 15th; I think I'm getting an Annualism!
by JulisaCat November 17, 2009
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Anything semi-annual means it happens every 6 months.
Attention all customers, attention all customers. The semi-annual sale begins today, and the next one is on December 18! Buy now and get extreme price cuts!
by ToadMan.EXE August 22, 2005
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A term to describe people who have the Disneyland Annual Signature Plus Pass and are entitled to do whatever they want because they paid over 1k for an amusement park for kids. The easiest way to spot one Annual Assholder as they are wearing their AP merch they get from lands, having a michelada, and a churro in their hand. Also, don't forget to mention their snotty attitude

Don't forget to mention they have this sticker on the back of their car having "A ºoº P" Sticker on the back of the car.
"I can do whatever I want, because I am an Annual PassholderSignature Plus, Bitch!"
"Correction, you're an Annual Assholder. Move along"
by DeputyVanHalen June 17, 2019
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a. Being at work but not doing any actual work.

b. Goofing off at work.
I closed my office door and read a novel all day because I needed a day of indoor annual leave.
by AnnaBeginsAgain March 5, 2010
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Gross income is the amount you earn before taxes and other payroll deductions. Net income is your take-home pay after taxes and other payroll deductions. Your net income, the amount on your paycheck, is what's used to make your budget. This will provide you with your NET ANNUAL INCOME.
My net annual income is $1400.
by KlickAndABass December 13, 2016
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