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Controlled exposure to an infectious agent (virus/bacteria) to build immunity to the agent.

Also, controlled exposure to an infectious idea or propaganda, so as to build up resistance to the idea.
Bob is a staunch democrat and liberal but will often show up at Republican rallies to inoculate himself...
by AxonL November 4, 2017
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The technique of making fun of oneself before anyone else can in order to lessen the pain and/or embarrassment.
Fat Kid: Hi. Boy I am fat.
Other Kid: Wow, good innoculation.
by HP July 24, 2003
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If religiosity is considered to be infectious, as it spreads uncontrollably through the human population like a virus....then religious inoculation would be controlled exposure to religious influences so as to build immunity to it
Sam's annual visits to his family church is his way of religious inoculation ...
by AxonL November 4, 2017
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The forcing of a person to get a vaccination regardless of their beliefs or medical history.
Look at what this world has become in the wake of the covid 19 pandemic. People who haven't been vaccinated are being treated like outcasts even though the vaccinated are still getting and giving covid to others. Some countries are using forced inoculation and if they don't get the jab their life will be miserable. WHY IS NOONE RECOGNIZING NATURAL IMMUNITY?
by jimmybomm January 18, 2022
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