88 definition by Austin

sawm won hoo hass mawsh mewwo bains
shawwwwn awr ess a oowm staw wunna
by austin December 05, 2003

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Lots of cheap vs. less but good
Microwave pizza vs, Tally-Ho back in Potomac, Md. Best pizza in America.
by Austin December 02, 2003

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Another way to say cigarettes. Origin is unknown, i am from NYC and have heard it on several occasions.
yo can i get one of them bull ace?
by Austin February 14, 2004

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any amount of anything dispite it's original meaning of "not alot" this "lil bit" term can mean even alot or a massive amoutn, whether it being how much something is, or to what extent.
"man 1(asking man 2): did he just insult me?
man 2:lil bit"

"woman: did u have fun last night?
man: lil bit"
by austin February 07, 2004

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Easy access easy pussy
hehehe her short skirt gives us some eaep
by austin November 27, 2003

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Spit or BBQ set to cook out on
Do your toasting on the brivle out back
by Austin March 19, 2005

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When two people have to fuck standing up because at least one of them is too skinny, that they would break in half if one of them was on top.
Man that skinny ass was so fuckin' skinny, we had to do it Flamingo Style.
by Austin February 07, 2004

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