1: shortened form of "to the nth degree"
2: something that is surpassingly so in its own state of being
Our workweek was incredibly arduous, so this weekend we are going to party to the nth.
by zarthaniel March 21, 2004
Person A: wyd?
Person B: nth much
by Oki_its.kyky August 20, 2017
A legal word without vowels that can be used in Scrabble.
This is the nth time I've said it.
by I don't have a name August 9, 2003
Short for Nothing. It is apparently Asian internet lingo.
I'm doing absolutely nth all week.
by progamer124 December 20, 2004
Short for Nice To Have. Referring to bugs in computer programs that don't absolutely have to be fixed, but should be fixed if they can be.
The bug is not a blocker, but an NTH.
by rse01 January 9, 2013
nth but I i 've seen better.
by ihism March 13, 2016