You all. In reference to a group of people.
Wunna can't just stand in front of my store, blockin' the door like that
by dreadz1 February 27, 2003
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Comes from Atlanta rapper Gunna's album "Wunna."

Wunna stands for "Wealthy Unapologetic Nigga Naturally Authentic"
by beelz1721 January 04, 2021
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How homestar runner says homestar runner.
Oh hello. Stong Bahd could not be hewa today. My name is Homestah Wunna. Now, please take out your numbah 2 pencils, and lets begin.
by Zach G. November 12, 2003
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A very cute and cool pronunciation of Homestar Runner. When said in English class, it arouses suspicion from the teachers, laughs from the guys, and hugs from the ladies: you should say it sometime.
Homestah Wunnah~~~!!
by nikkan_hanil December 11, 2003
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