88 definition by Austin

fucking idiot; extreme idiot; dumbass to the nth degree
God that guy is an idifuckingot! I hope he gets his balls cut off!
by Austin March 21, 2005

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something a man makes a women do while he does nothing
do the dishes bitch im watching my show
by austin March 20, 2005

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to utterly diss and/or annoy someone
Austin gigasflorbened thomas by stealing his word
by austin February 12, 2004

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Way bigger than gigantic.
The Eiffel Tower is gigantic but my penis is trigantic.
by Austin February 26, 2004

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multiple weenies
I love peni
by austin November 14, 2003

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The action of being blown and returning the favor by releasing jiz into the females face, causing loss of smell and taste.
My midnight flonase in her face helped clear my g/f's sinus problem.
by Austin September 12, 2004

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an occupation or the concept of checking that all products leaving a factory or proccess are the same and meet specifications of size, strength, shape or otherwize defined quality.
This ones got a dead rat stuck in it, some one needs to check with quality controll.
by Austin December 02, 2003

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