1)man juice
2)when swallowed by woman, known to decrease chances of breast cancer and getting fat.
3)lubricant when wet
4)alternative for superglue when dry
by Diction Ary November 2, 2003
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Its basicly a shorter word for semen, god knows why people dont just call it cum.
"I just put my hand in your jiz didnt i."

"Yes you did al"
by Sam November 17, 2003
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A Gunky white fluid ,also known as cum , that females for some reason like to indulge in and feast upon, Normaly believed to cure wrinkling when in contact with the face, also believed to increase breast size, and have weightloss abilities
1.'Hey theres that chick, i gave a mouth full of "JIZ"'
2.COSMO; "If you want a larger breast size, eat more "JIZ"
3.We all "JIZ'ed" in her eyes and hair.
by lukeekul May 4, 2006
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1)Slang for~ The white liquid that secretes when the penis ejaculates.
2)The liquid known to man as sperm.
3)Submarine boys.
4)A.K.A Tuna
Man o man... There's jiz all over that toilet.(lol)
by Darrel January 28, 2003
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The Juice of a Man from the Peni
Woah i have jiz all over me, you must be excited
by Jim April 14, 2005
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