88 definition by Austin

One who enjoys plowing the field or planting his creamy crop in the acres of one's ass.
That kid likes to do guys up the pooper... he's a pretty big fuckin ass farmer.
by Austin February 16, 2004

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A guitarist from Sweden which his name we couldn't pronounce. Arguably the best shredder there is.
A: Hey, that Yngwie Malmsteen guy is fuckin' awsome.
B: Hell ya, but what's witht he weight issue lately?
by Austin January 01, 2005

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An amazingly talented guitarist, with signature songs like Voodoo Child, Little Wing, Purple Haze, Red House, All Along the Watchtower, The Star Spangled Banner...etc. He only got to live for 27 years, but he was then easily remembered as the greatest guitarist in the world. He became the reason people learn to play guitar.
A: Hendrix fuckin' rules!!!!
B: Fuck yeah!!
by Austin January 06, 2005

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The sex position of choice is the during the seventies. It is like the popular ’69,’ but a decade later in the disco inferno we call the seventies. Like the sixty-nine, the woman lays on top of the man head-to- toe where both partners can execute oral sex to the others genitals. Make sure the woman is on top so she can use a full head and neck motion to perform her fellatio. The main difference is that the woman, while performing oral sex, sticks her finger up the guy’s ass. This is due to the fact that several years after its heyday, disco and all its leisure suit glory is seen as “kinda gay.” If enacted correctly, both partners will soon be climaxing with full orgasms that coincide to the beat of “That’s the way (uh-huh, uh-huh) I like it (uh-huh, uh-huh.)”
Dude, she got up to the second knuckle when we 79'd.
by Austin March 26, 2005

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a stereotypical italian with greased back hair and huge gold chains, that talks like a mobster but in reality is still suckling his mommys teet.
God damn i hate gweeto mother fuckers
by Austin March 14, 2005

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The rash one receives from too much butt fucking.
That gay kid must have hella ass bash rash by now.
by Austin April 20, 2004

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