When sailors return to shore and usually spend their time doing things they can't do back on ship, such as getting drunk and sleeping with women. This term is also used in many sci-fi stories where space travel is presented.
"How are you feeling commander?"

"Feels like the morning after shore leave."
by sharkboi January 18, 2010
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"I can't wait til next shore leave so I can get some fuckin' poontang."
by Janky Jank November 18, 2006
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"I really needed to use the can on my break at work today, but whoever was in there before me left some sailors (poop nuggets) on shore leave."
by Wooddogg February 17, 2005
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To spend a lot of money at any one given time; taken from the fact that sailors, while on shore leave, used to spend all of their money on whores and alcoholic beverages
I stopped letting my wife use the credit card. Every time she goes to the mall, she spends like a drunken sailor on shore leave!
by Pissed Off Paul October 7, 2003
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