After I saw the look in her Eyes I knew she would fellate me.
by El Chodo Con Queso September 25, 2003
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What most Republican senators, especially Orrin Hatch and Lindsey Graham, do to Donald Trump, epsecially when they want he to sign one of their bills or make a juicy appointment for them.
Orrin Hatch fellated Donald Trump when he claimed Trump might be the best president of all time.
by BiffG January 14, 2018
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I wouldn't date Sarah, but I wouldn't mind having fellations with her.
by bjh60 November 21, 2008
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(adjective) The act of performing Fellatio.
“Last week Fat Peter and Jean-Coq had a touch too much Manischewitz and began fellating one another. They have been BFFs every since.”
by HarryPro January 7, 2019
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One who dabbles in the art of fellatio...and LOVES it.
- Dude, I was giving this guy the most bomb ass dome last night!
- Tell me why you are the biggest damn fellator?
by Easy DZ September 18, 2005
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To have had a woman, in most cases, perform fellatio on your genital region.

a blowjob of the past tense

primarily used in Northern New Jersey.

(pronounced: fellashed)
>> Where the hell were you all night??

> Getting fellated by that sloppy bitch over there"

>> oh, well done.
by frankie drama December 17, 2008
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