it’s means d!ck eater to most ppl on the east side
Yo why my teacher such a damn de”.
by thatchickfrmtheeastside December 21, 2022
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De is an amazing person who deserves to be treated with respect and love.
I wanna have fun with De.
by lul nugget October 14, 2019
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Something of interest only to effeminate males or 'New Age guys' (i.e., a male who is overly sensitive or a man who has unbecoming delicacy or overrefinement). This is a word only in a very limited geographical area (Western Massachusetts). This word grew out of the sarcastic usage of "decent"
WHAT!? YOU BOUGHT A PINK CAR!!! Dude- That is SO de!!!
by Peter T. July 18, 2006
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A way to call someone stupid or dumb or ugly, or any derogatory name
i rolled out of bed after a long night of tequila slammers and looked like a de
by Dairy Queennn April 18, 2019
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A nickname for one of the sexiest women in the world if her name starts with the two letters D and E like Desarae
Hey de you looking sexy as ever today as usual
by Test Her limit bruh December 24, 2020
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n. stupid person
adj. an action or a comment that is stupid or dumb
n. man johhny is a de de de
adj. one guy tripps and falls
then some one says "de de de"
by mekiknek September 13, 2006
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