88 definition by Austin

Completly inflexable in morals, rules or beliefs.
From Les Misèrables character Javert.
My english teacher can be so Javeristic! My car broke down and she still gave me lunch detention!
by Austin October 06, 2003

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an expression of carelessness or disbelief, indecicive...
you know what i dont care...WHATEVERZ...
by austin November 23, 2003

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Cool, awesome, sweet, fantastic, juicy, delicious, cool as crap. See also ubercool.
"It's almost as goodawesome as, well...goodawesome!"
by Austin February 24, 2005

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To be considered as or being a hillbilly.
Damn Cledace is hillbilious.
by Austin May 02, 2004

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Of, or relating to the relationships of Cyrano De Bergerac.
My personal life has been so debergeristic latley... :(
by Austin October 06, 2003

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1. The sound a caveman makes.

2. The sound I make when Masterbating
1. Joe's pet caveman always hits things and says "Oogah, oogah."

2. When Austin jacks off he sounds like a caveman...
by Austin June 11, 2005

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It's about fuckin' time. Fuckin' finally.
I finafuckinally finished that stupid ass paper!
by Austin April 10, 2004

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