It is a situation when a nerdy guy helps a handsome guy date the girl that he loves by telling him what to say and what to do. The word is from a character that portrayed the act.
Our boss asked us to meet him here and he is not here yet, he just tried to put us together, he cyrano’d us. Let’s make him win, kiss me.
by Sanchina June 20, 2018
1. Short for or in reference to Cyrano De Bergerac. A romanticist with a big nose and believed the girl he loved would never love him back.

2. A sort of background guy whom no one notices that is feeding the good looking guys there charming lines. He writes there poetry, shows them fluid movement, gives them lines to say, teaches them romantic songs to sing. Essentially they write regular guys dating material . Sadly Cyranos are never noticed, given thanks, or acknowledged. They just fade away into the background.
You do know that Jared has been feeding joe all his lines all night right. Jared's been sort of a Cyrano since youre first date girl.
by Theamazinggeek April 24, 2019
Scytano is a huge nosed ugly shit. Cyrano looks like he was born out of a dumpster; he is gross.
Enemy(happens to be ugly) : FUCK YOU

by $w@GGie PeEt May 24, 2014
Cyrano is long nosed character from the play 'Cyrano de Bergerac'. He is in love with a character named 'Roxanne'.
Your love is like one of Cyrano's. You love her, yet she does not love you.
by Bloody Canadian December 5, 2013
When you sit on her face, simultaneously forcing her to teabag your balls while her nose stimulates your prostate. A solid first date move.
She ordered the lobster, I ordered the Cyrano. Checkmate.
by Chief Sandwich Officer Brady September 25, 2018
Wooing a person you desire via Facebook posts while posing as a dead semi-famous person.
I've been using the 'reverse cyrano' on Audrey to no avail.
by AlanTuring December 8, 2010
To make a bad pun at an inappropriate or otherwise bad time.
When Mary asked Jeff whether he could come to the funeral, he replied, "Of corpse I will!" she looked at him and said "way to pull a cyrano."

Thomas realized that saying the cat pun while the neighbors kitten was stuck in the tree was a great way to pull a cyrano
by KingoftheGeorge May 8, 2014