27 definitions by Ana

When you ejaculate on one side of someone's face, so it looks like they painted half of it white, like Braveheart.
"I was trying to give her the Angry Conductor, but I aimed too low and gave her a Braveheart."
by Ana April 01, 2005
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a brazilian girl whos an azian wanna be, they always hang out with azians and theyre best friend are ussually azians.
that bitch in my class is a brazazn.
by Ana October 14, 2004
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An uncool guy that thinks he's hot and cool but he's only a cookie.
"Dude, you're like totally ignoring that little kid that's talkin' to you, dude."
"Who cares, dude. It's only Cornelio"

"Who's that little kid that keeps dancin' like a crab?"
"Dude, it's like cornelio, dude."
by Ana April 09, 2003
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the greatest name to ever be created. no other names even come close to its greatness. it is usually refered to the best one in the community. see smart, attractive and all other positive and praising adjectives in the english language.
god used to be called ayman but ayman wasnt easy to pronounce so it became god
by Ana January 25, 2004
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Someone who has a very thin upper lip shaped like a ducks bill, and when she talks, after every sentance, makes a Lippy face.
Lookit, that girls Lippy!!!
by Ana September 25, 2003
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