To be favoured by the reception of an email with attached pic/s of the hoff generally in a cheesy/homoerotic pose & with large tufts of vibrant chest hair exposed.

Origin: the first hoffings took place in a small town in Germany, with the exchange of full colour Hoff calendars between loved ones on Valentines day.
'Arrgh! Melissa just hoffed me at work again and the boss now thinks i'm perverted!'
by westsaffa July 26, 2006
To get belligerently drunk, David Hasselhoff-style
I don’t know about you guys but I plan on getting Hoffed tonight.

Hey did you hear Marc got Hoffed last night? That’s why he’s not in today.

I was so Hoffed up last night.
by HannahBanana May 4, 2007
When a manager links to urbandictionary's hoffed definition in a corporate training document and his employees get to read about using dried jizz to glue leg hair onto yourself or others.
Ken hoffed the shit out of that training document.
by fatpricks1 March 24, 2011
Hall of Famer. Being on an internal work emailing list since the 2nd Feb 2004, and never having been asked to stop receiving emails up to 400 times a day.
Tak the dirty cr0d is a HoF.
by Shorny June 2, 2004
The act of setting someone's computer background with a picture of David Hasselhoff.
I hoffed Everton's laptop this morning. You should have seen the look on his face.

Bora freaked out when he saw the hairy chest of the Hoff on his computer. We hoffed him real good!
by cablegirl March 23, 2007
The word used in text speak meaning "Hall Of Fame"
Person 1:Wow look at the HOF
Person 2: Yeah, im number 3
by Bob12314235145614676436234622 November 22, 2006
To act like a total jackass while drunk or intoxicated.
Question: Mommy, why is Dad laying on the bathroom floor with ketchup in his chest-hair?

Answer: Honey, Daddy is hoffing again, just leave him alone.
by Tyney August 4, 2009