As an adjective, is a person who is very brave and audacious.
My friends think I am a bold person.
by Ana April 10, 2005
Something that is truly excellent or praiseworthy.
That is one bold shirt you are wearing Seth.
by Slartibartfast April 9, 2004
In Tagalog, it means "naked" or it can just mean porn.
I was looking at this bold star's pics and jacked off too much that my dick and hand hurt.
by viperion April 8, 2007
1. to use the bold type, usually signified by a thick 'B' in most modern word-processors.
No example (no bold text allowed in this area :P)
by boingat January 16, 2005
to study hard before an exam, such as university finals
Sorry, I can't come out. I have to bold as I have chemistry tomorrow
by fmm88 May 10, 2010
To study hard before an exam, such as finals
Sorry, I can't come out tonight. I have to bold, as I have chemistry tomorrow.
by fmm88 May 10, 2010
a derogatory term used to insult an awful baseball player who's unique accent led him to misprounouncing the common baseball term know as "bud"
also used as a repalcment of the term "bud" when players are interacting with each other on the field
"hey bold"
by gouldingrangers08 July 22, 2008